San Francisco with the SD:

A room with a view is an absolute must!! Then, having a good hotel spa comes next. But lastly, I have a thing for nice bathtubs!! Lol

I spent a couple of nights in SF with the SD. He was so happy to finally get an overnighter with me. The poor guy had at most 3 hours with me (1 dinner & 1 lunch) since our Vegas trip in the beginning of February.

I met him for dinner Wednesday, spent Thursday pampering myself (mani/pedi, 2 1/2 spa treatments, etc.) while he worked, and Thursday evening we just hung out. Still no sex, but maybe next time!! 😇

I’m currently in Florida, but I’ll update you all on that later ;)

💋, Kimmy



Its more common than we admit, that when we first begin to communicate with a “rich and generous” Pot, that we tend to tread lightly as we don’t want to (or are scared to) rock the boat. In my opinion, thats just bullshit. If I’m putting my time, my body, safety, energy, goals and dreams, plus my…

Conversation with My Father

Dad - “Hey, how much did that purse cost you??”

Me - “Excuse me?”

Dad - “I said, ‘How much does a Prada purse run for?’ I’m not blind, I know you have at least 3! And don’t think that I haven’t noticed your LV either!!”

Me - “Well…”

Dad - “AND! What about those shoes you have on!? I see those red soles!!”

Me - “How?!?!? How do you even know about this kinda stuff!?!”

Dad - “Do you not remember who bought you your first designer purse? :) Sometimes I feel responsible for the domino effect it’s caused, but now I’m just glad you have a good job that supports your expensive taste!”

LOL, gotta love my Dad, but little does he know, I never spend my own money 😂

💋, Kimmy

Quick dinner with the SD :]

= Cash & half a dozen Gift Cards.

Yup, you read right! Gift Cards! I don’t ever spend any of the money my SD gives me, I save every penny.
So when he wants me to get something in particular, he has to order it for me. Or if he just wants me to go shopping, he has to take me himself. Or he needs to give me Gift Cards to different stores, lol.

No matter how much cash he gives me, I don’t spend it, and it drives him crazy. But it keeps me from losing myself in this lifestyle of excess.

💋, Kimmy


All you bitches slandering my name are really getting on my fucking nerves!!!

I DONT EVEN HAVE A FACEBOOK, plus I haven’t posted on my Instagram in almost 6 months (& it’s private)!! So STFU about how you “found” me!

Any of the photos you see on my blog are MINE!! Taken by ME!!
If you see any of them circulating else where, they came from HERE! From this blog!

• • • • •

But enough, if you think I’m fake and am just a great fictional story teller, then STOP READING MY GOD DAMN BLOG!

It’s such a shame that the tag has gone from a safe outlet for me to share my experiences with, to a bitch fest where I’m being threatened, harassed, bullied, and slandered.

Why do you all care so god damn much about what I post anyways!?
This is MY blog, and MY experiences.
I’m sorry that so many of you can’t fathom the fact that I’ve been so incredibly blessed lately and feel the need to hate on my party. FUCK OFF! I’m tired of being nice to all you salty bitches.

I’m going to do me!
I’m going to make that money, be showered in gifts, have amazing sex, and be treated like a fucking queen. 👑

💋, Kimmy


My girlfriends were tired of me always telling them that I was unavailable. I’m always either working, or am out of town.
So they decided to surprise me with a visit this evening because they knew I would be home (just finished my 6th shift).

Since I’m never home on my days off & I work 12-16 hour shifts back to back, my apartment is HORRENDOUSLY [clean, but] cluttered!!

I practically live out of my suitcases:
There are always 4 suitcases of varying sizes throughout the apartment, as well as a couple carry-on sized bags. I have a pile of folded laundry on one sofa, and handbags and accessories on another. Heels, boots, and wedges are piled near the door, and I do laundry so infrequently that I have 4 different hampers… My apartment’s sheer messiness pains my cleaning lady.

Anyways, my girlfriends came by my apartment to surprise me, and I was NOT expecting company!!

Besides the suitcases and clutter, I had shopping bags (Prada, LV, Zara, Saks, Tiffany’s, H&M, Bloomingdales, etc), shoe boxes (Jimmy Choo, Gucci, Stuart Weitzman, & Louboutins), my MacBook Air + other Apple products, 2 new TV’s, and to to it off, my Burberry trench coat was draped open, over my ottoman…

There was no way to hide any of it!!!

I stepped outside and greeted them with hugs, but of course they pushed past the door to get out of the cold,
and LO & BEHOLD:

Girlfriend 1: “Holy, FUCK!! Your place is a disaster!”
Girlfriend 2: “No! Holy fuck, her place is a gold mine!!”
Girlfriend 3: “*shifty eyed* I know you make great money, but c’mon, WHAT THE FUCK!?!”

I stood there absolutely speechless…

💋, Kimmy